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Patient First PhilosophyPatients never wait. No matter what.


The patients come first. That sums everything up. We know how important it is when a patient needs their medication. This is why we at Pharmacena make that priority.We excel by providing speedy and quality medication to our customers throughout the country. Our pharmacy is dedicated toward our 24 hour turnaround. The signature quick service makes Pharmacena stand out among the other pharmacies and relives our customers from the problem of a prolonged wait in getting their medication. Our pharmacy is easily accessible online and by telephone. Whether you are a physician or a patient, all you need to do is to reach out to us with your prescription and we get it delivered in no time.

Did you know?...We have had the honor of dispensing more than 1 million dollars in FREE medication to patients facing financial hardships. In this way, we can help give back to the society and help out those in need. How many can say that!

  • Never have to wait for your medication!
  • Over $1 Million in medication sent without coverage!
  • Goes out within 24 hours!
  • The customer is our priority!

The Pharmacena ApproachExplore our approach.

High Quality Standards
  • Pharmacena is committed to maintain high quality standards of ingredients, services, and ethics.
  • Over years, thousands of physicians placed their trust in us, and we successfully meet their expectations.
  • We have set very high ethical standard for ourselves.
  • Pharmacena has a strict code of ethics in place. Each and every employee, supplier and other stakeholders require to comply with the code of ethics.
Convenient for Doctors
  • Pharmacena takes complete care of patients and their doctors.
  • Our job does not end with the delivery of your medicine.
  • We handle all insurance transactions for patients.
  • We have developed an effective system that gives you much needed convenience and hassle-free services. For example, Custom Rx pads and EMR integration allows the doctors to check, sign and move on to next patient conveniently.
Patient Satisfaction
  • Our skilled Patient Care representatives take care of all needs of patients.
  • We accept all insurance plans.
  • Pharmacena is committed to surpass the expectations of patients so that they have an experience they cannot get elsewhere.
  • As we take care of all needs of patients, you can focus on your practice.
Easy for Staff
  • Pharmacena has developed extremely efficient system for office operation and order fulfillment process that makes it easy for staff.
  • We provide our physicians the support during their patients treatments.
  • We take care of follow ups and and concerns or questions patients may have.

Our MissionAt Pharmacena, we recognize our primary mission is to be leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, renowned for our solutions that deliver a higher standard of healthcare. We’re not just a pharmacy – we’re a committed clinical name that works to educate and assist our patients in more ways than one. We offer expert help to patients, helping them know what medications their case requires.

We make sure that every medication is sent out within the given time frame of 24 hours of receiving prescription. We provide multiple customized delivery options to our customers. We offer our services through national providers such as UPS and Fedex, as well as providing an in house Courier delivery options to those who want to make sure that their delivery doesn’t face any hurdles. We have simplified the customer’s end by taking on the responsibility of making sure that all the medicines reach to them in a due time.

  • Patient First Philosophy
  • Integrity
  • Positive Impact
  • Professionalism
  • Forward Thinking

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