About Us

Are you tired of long waiting periods and lack of responsiveness for the medicines you need from your pharmacy? Are you in need of compassionate care, thoughtful guidance and expert advice with fast delivery of medicines without a wait? Then you definitely need more than a pharmacy. You need Pharmacena. Pharmacena is a specialty pharmacy based out of New York with a unique approach – a patient first philosophy. We, at Pharmacena believe that a patient should never have to wait for their medication, NO MATTER WHAT. To us, the priority of getting the medicine to the patient in due time is the most important task to us.

We are a pharmacy dedicated to getting medications to our patients within a 24-hour window. With exceptional service and customized delivery options, we stay strong to our promise. All our prescriptions must go out within 24 hours regardless of coverage. From the second the prescription is received by the pharmacy, the clock starts ticking. We waste no time in getting the prescribed medicines to the patients. Due to our unique standing in the industry and our great turnaround time, Pharmacena has rapidly grown and expanded its services. We are able to provide innovative therapies and support to hundreds of thousands of patients. Once known primarily for its quality compounding, today Pharmacena is widely recognized for its specialty pharmacy services and high-touch customer service.

At Pharmacena, our expert pharmacists have extensive training in mixing, preparing, and packaging custom medications. If you need a specific strength, a particular dosage form, an unusual flavor, or ingredients that are not widely available, we can help. We work with your physician to create a treatment plan geared to your specific needs. Your doctor may prescribe multiple classes of medication to address your complex medical issues. Then, we create an individualized formula for you in our compounding pharmacy that’s designed to treat medical problems at origin, without the need for the medication to travel throughout your entire body. It’s this level of expertise, combined with outstanding customer service, that sets us apart from other pharmacies. For a pharmacy experience that truly meets your needs, you can come in and see us, or contact us to have your medication delivered to your location in one of over 20 states we serve. It will be our pleasure and privilege to serve you.