What Is Compounding?
Compounding is the art and science of preparing personalized medications for patients. At one time, virtually all prescription medications were compounded, and it was only with the advent of mass drug manufacturing in the late 1950s and early 1960s that compounding began to decline. Then, the role of the pharmacist shifted from that of drug preparer to drug dispenser. Today, most pharmacists are not trained in drug compounding, and this means that the needs of some patients are not being effectively met.

Fortunately, compounding is experiencing a resurgence. Modern technology and innovative techniques have enabled more pharmacists to customize medications when a “one size fits all” approach isn’t adequate to meet the needs of the patient. Personalized medications for patients, through the art and science of compounding.

Benefits of Compounding
With conventional pharmaceuticals, patients (especially those battling chronic illness or pain) frequently have to consume or apply a variety of preparations. It’s easy to lose track of what’s been taken, or to forget to take everything that’s been prescribed. With compounding, multiple medications can be combined into a single capsule or other means of delivery.

Existing commercial therapies may also have reduced effectiveness when used in combination. When combined with side effects like insomnia, anxiety, depression and fatigue, this can diminish the patient’s quality of life. With compounding, there are fewer side effects, and no reduction in the effectiveness of the medications.

“Who Can Benefit from Compounding?”
Virtually anyone can benefit from compounding. It’s ideal for patients who find it dealing with the logistics of consuming multiple medications, since a number of medications can be combined into a single dose. And if a patient has difficulty with one method – say, for example, swallowing a capsule – then the medication can be delivered in a different form, such as liquid, a suspension, or even a lollipop.

Medications can also be custom-flavored, so if you have a child who refuses to take bitter medicines, a more palatable formula can be created. Then it can be consumed in the form of pleasing troches, lollipops, or even gummies.

At Pharmacena, even your pets can benefit from compounding. Often, dogs and cats can develop stomach acid problems, potassium deficiencies, thyroid issues and other conditions that require the use of prescription medication. We will work with your veterinarian, who will prescribe the medication your pet needs to stay healthy. Then we will custom-flavor it and deliver it in the form of an enjoyable treat. It’s so much easier than trying to force your pet to take a pill!

At Pharmacena, we are committed to providing customized medicine, one person at a time.

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