Developing medication for children is a challenge. They can resist to take medication, dislike the taste, may have difficult in swallowing, and fear injections. We work together with children, their families, and practitioners to understand what type of medication a child would prefer. We offer highly customized medications that meet specific needs.

The pediatric market offers limited opportunities. So, pharmaceutical companies are reluctant to make heavy investment in developing drugs for infants and children. Most drugs are not labeled and not available in suitable pediatric dosage form.
We compound oral medications into pleasant flavored solutions, concentrates, with pleasant colors that a child can like. A palatable formulation is likely to improve compliance and minimize waste during administration. One ideal option is lollipop that can be retained inn mouth for longer period. Transdermal gel is another viable option for drugs that can be applied to an appropriate site.

Compounding is not just diluting existing medications and mixing ingredients. In order to prepare safe, customized, and effective medication with right flavor, good texture, desired taste and fragrance, understanding physical and chemical properties of each ingredients is very crucial. Our pharmacists are among the best in industry. You can rely on them to choose right ingredients, and formulate correctly to prepare medication that retains its effectiveness and adds right taste, flavor, texture color, and other properties to suit specific taste of each infant and child.