Wound Care

Different type of treatment is needed for each specific type of wound. As per prescription, a formulation can be compounded with proper combination of active ingredients in a suitable base to treat a specific type of wound. We offer customized medications are needed to meet individual specific needs.

Each time a wound is cleaned, there is potential for disruption of new tissue growth. A gel is more suitable for wound as gel can be easily rinsed from wound by irrigation. An ointment is suitable for open wound and damaged skin because it contains polyethylene glycol (PEG). But, ointment is not suitable for large size wound because too much PEG can lead to renal toxicity. So, choice of cream, ointment or gel is very crucial in wound care. One important dosage in wound care is Polyox bandage. A polyox bandage can be puffedonto a wound. A polyox bandage can be compounded to contain right ingredients to heal wound.